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Residence in Denmark

The rules regarding residence in Denmark are administred by the Danish Immigration Service under the Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs.

Register for Foreign Service Providers (RUT)
When a foreign company performs services in Denmark, the company must register in the Register for Foreign Service Providers (RUT). Perhaps your company also has to be VAT registered - this can also be done in RUT. Please use the following link for more information:

For more information, download pamphlet on the subject here:

Pamphlet in English

Pamphlet in German

Pamphlet in Polish


Working in Denmark

Nordic countries
Citizens of the Nordic countries have the right to work and reside in each other's countries.

The Danish and Swedish Public Employment Services are cooperating to offer jobs in the Øresund region to citizens of both countries in order to increase cross-border mobility.

Citizens from the EU have the right to move freely across the internal borders of the EU: to work, study, travel, etc. EU citizens who are employees in Denmark are exempt from the requirement of a work permit. If the stay is expected to last for more than three months, they must get an EU registration certificate from the regional state administration. Service providers that post workers to Denmark must notify the Register for Foregin Service Providers (RUT) of their activities in Denmark (see below).

The Ministry of Employment has published a guide containing relevant information on conditions and rules on the Danish labour market. Follow the links below to read or download the guide in English, German or Polish.

Working in Denmark

Praca w Danii

In addition, the Danish Labour Market Authority hosts the website with a wide range of information aimed at foreign workers and job seekers. The site is available in Danish, English, German, and Polish.

Other countries
People from outside the EU and the Nordic countries can under certain circumstances obtain work and residence permit in Denmark. However, relevant employment related considerations apply.

Foreigners who are employed in sectors with a lack of specialised labour have an easier access to a work and residence permit via the so-called "Job Card Scheme". The sectors concerned can be found on a positive list. The website of the Danish Immigration Service contains more information on the Job Card Scheme and the positive list.

It is the responsibility of the foreigner himself/herself to obtain a work and residence permit. If a foreigner is found to be working illegally in Denmark he or she will be ordered to leave the country and both the employer and the foreign employee may be subject to penal sanctions.