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The Ministry of Employment has the overall responsibility for measures in relation to all groups of unemployed persons, i.e. both unemployed persons on social assistance as well as unemployed persons receiving unemployment benefits.

In addition, the Ministry of Employment is responsible for the framework and rules regarding employment and working conditions, safety and health at work and industrial injuries, financial support and allowances to all persons with full or partial working capacity as well as placement activities, services in relation to enterprises and active employment measures.

The Ministry of Employment has exclusive competence for legislation and programmes in relation to:

  • labour law
  • safety and health at work
  • compensation in connection with industrial injuries

The Ministry is also responsible for the following allowances:

  • unemployment benefits
  • social assistance
  • allowances in connection with participation in activation measures
  • sickness benefits
  • allowances in connection participation in vocational rehabilitation programmes
  • unemployment allowances to persons who become unemployed after having had a flex job
  • allowances under the Act on insurance against the consequences of industrial accidents

The Ministry is also responsible for the following employment measures:

  • activation of insured persons and non-insured unemployed persons
  • services in relation to enterprises: job placements, measures to reduce bottleneck problems, and labour market monitoring
  • initiatives to promote the inclusive labour market, including corporate social responsibility and social clauses
  • job placements in relation to all unemployed persons – including persons with reduced working capacity
  • employment promoting initiatives in relation to particularly exposed groups.