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For the purpose of assisting the social partners in ensuring a peaceful and efficient labour market, the Government has established support institutions such as the Industrial Court and the Conciliation Board.

Four institutions may assist the social partners in cases of disagreement on a collective agreement as well as in other conflicts:

  • The Industrial Court
  • The Public Servants’ Courts
  • The Industrial Arbitration Tribunals
  • The Conciliation Board

The Industrial Court
The Industrial Court deals primarily with cases concerning violation and interpretation of main agreements and corresponding collective agreements with ordinary and general provisions covering the collective labour law area. It also hears cases concerning violations of other collective agreements on pay and working conditions, as well as the legality of the use of industrial action, including secondary action.

The Public Servants’ Court
The Public Servants’ Court hears cases concerning interpretation or violation of agreements concerning pay as well as other employment conditions for governmental civil servants etc., or provisions replacing such agreements, as well as collective violations of the provision laying down that civil servants must obey the rules governing their positions.
The Municipal and Regional Industrial Public Servants’ Courts deal with corresponding cases concerning civil servants employed in the municipal and regional areas.

The Industrial Arbitration Tribunals
The Industrial arbitration tribunal is the last institution within the labour law court system. Before entering the industrial arbitration tribunal, the parties must have held a meeting to conduct negotiations as well as a conciliation meeting. A ruling made by the Industrial Arbitration Tribunal is, as the general rule, not appealable.

The Conciliation Board
The Conciliation Board, which consists of three Conciliators appointed by the Minister for Employment, provides assistance if the social partners cannot agree to conclude or renew collective agreements.